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2023 Ford E-Transit Cargo Van Price and Specs | Hixson, TN

2023 Ford E-Transit

Serving Hixston, TN, Chattanooga, Cleveland, and surrounding areas

The new 2023 Ford E-Transit is a revolutionary invention by Ford. It is an electric vehicle, so there is no need to use gas like in the old days. It is sleek and aerodynamic with curves in all the right places. The grill is made with a platinum chrome finish with five bars that give it a sturdy look. The hood is made with a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer and has an arc shape on the front. The wheels are made with a two-tone design that makes the E-Transit look like it's moving fast even when it isn't. Here we will discuss the newest updates of the 2023 Ford E-Transit.

Specs 2023 Ford E-Transit Cargo Van
Starting MSRP* $53,790
Horsepower / Torque 198 KWh, 266 Horsepower / 317 lbs-ft.
Motor Electric Motor - 68 KWh Battery
Radio Unit SYNC® 4 with 12" Multi-Function Display
Transmission Single Speed Electric Transmission with Fully Electric Powertrain


The new 2023 Ford E-Transit has a smooth and magnificent ride thanks to the all-electric motor. It can reach 100 miles per hour and go up from 0 to 60 in 5.3 seconds. That is powerful, especially compared to the previous versions of the E-Transit created by Ford. The 2023 model has many more futuristic features than its predecessors, including an integrated digital instrument cluster that shows the speed, amount of energy in the battery, amount of horsepower, and other important information. It has a standard charging station that can charge the E-Transit in about 6 hours.

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Interior and Technology

The dashboard is made with an advanced polymer that is sturdy and has a high gloss finish. The seats have a comfortable cushion, soft enough for long drives. The interior is made from leather and rich fabrics that cover the seats and dashboard. It can fit five people and has a trunk space of up to 18.5 cubic feet. The inside has a luxurious feel thanks to the leather and an air quality system that keeps the air fresh and clean. The climate controls use purified air and never need to be adjusted. It does not matter if the air is hot or cold outside because the 2023 E-Transit keeps you cool in any climate.

The 2023 Ford E-Transit has an advanced touchscreen with various useful apps. The E-Transit has a music player with 30 hours of battery life and 800 songs to choose from. It also has 4GB of RAM, giving you more space to store many songs and videos. The E-Transit also has a satellite navigation system that offers fast, precise directions. It's easy to see where you are going with the screen on the dashboard. The Bluetooth system can connect to your phone and enable you to make and receive calls. The system will automatically connect with the power source when you park next to it. It also has a variety of entertainment apps, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Pandora Radio, and more. The E-Transit can charge smartphones and other electronics in less than an hour, thanks to its quick-charging ability.

2023 Ford E-Transit Interior


The new 2023 Ford E-Transit has an automatic crash notification system that detects a collision and sends help immediately. The lights are made with a light-emitting diode or LED lights that can function well in all weather conditions. The headlights have an auto-leveling feature, which keeps the lights from going too dark. The headlights also have a cornering function that keeps them from blinding other drivers. The mirrors are made with a camera that can see the outside of the vehicle and read traffic signs at over 120 miles per hour. With all of these safety features, you can drive in peace. If one of the safety features becomes disabled, a warning notification will pop up on your dashboard.


The 2023 E-Transit has an updated design with five additional color options than earlier models. The new E-Transit has a larger screen, which can connect to WiFi and enable phone calls and streaming radio. The battery is made with a lithium polymer and has a metal case, which makes it durable enough for long-lasting use. You can plug the E-Transit into any standard or specialized power source. It also has an external battery that can be charged in any library, school, or public building. Earlier versions of the E-Transit did not have this feature.

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The 2023 Ford E-Transit has all the premium features you need in an advanced electric vehicle. It is safe thanks to its advanced safety features, and moving with it is fun thanks to its sporty design. The advanced technology that goes into the new E-Transit is practical and luxurious. If you are looking for an electric vehicle with a futuristic design and premium features, the 2023 Ford E-Transit is the car for you. Contact us today for a test drive.

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