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How Does The Ford Intelligent System Work?

Posted at Fri, Oct 11, 2019 12:00 AM

The allure of drivetrains where all four wheels do equal work is without a doubt all the rage in this age of crossovers and SUVs. Here at Marshal Mize Ford, we want to tell you more about why Ford crossovers, SUVs, cars, and trucks alike take advantage of the Ford Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) and 4-Wheel-Drive (4WD) systems to deliver both grippy and utilitarian mannerisms to seemingly everyday vehicles. This “smart” feature of your beloved Ford car, truck, crossover, or SUV model measures steering wheel angle, accelerator pedal position, and a host of other variables to instantly give control of any slipping wheels back to the driver. Under optimal driving conditions, a latent function of the Intelligent AWD and 4WD systems routes all power to the front wheels to maximize fuel efficiency, but is always at the ready to flip the polarity and send power to the rear wheels during spirited acceleration. The team at your Chattanooga Ford destination, we have a cavalcade of car, truck, crossover, and SUV models equipped with the Ford Intelligent AWD and 4WD systems, and the professional staff would love to take you on a test drive to experience this neat — and potentially life-saving — feature.

Marshal Mize Ford car running in the street

Let’s start with the Ford Intelligent AWD drivetrains, available on models such as the mid-size Ford Fusion sedan. When the system is triggered, sensors quickly tabulate road conditions and sets the data next to your current speed and throttle level. In a split-second, any slippage of the tires detected by the Ford Intelligent AWD system will initiate torque vectoring, which can send up to 100 percent of all available torque to the rear wheels to aid in sudden understeering, oversteering, and countersteering. The inclusion of the Ford Intelligent AWD system makes your Ford Fusion really shine, and gives you complete assurance as you enjoy the peppy motor and suite of amenities in its modern cabin. Your local Ford dealership has new and used Ford Fusion models in stock with Ford Intelligent AWD as a guiding force, so stop by and check them out today!

Marshal Mize Ford car in the street

Reserved for bigger and more labor-inclined models, the Ford Intelligent 4WD System offers the same gamut of traction-reinforcing attributes but adds sublime advantages on rugged terrain. The sensors will detect changes in the terrain such as rocks, mud, grass, snow, or sand to both traction and driver confidence. In stock at your local Ford dealership, the Ford Explorer can be fitted with the Ford Intelligent 4WD System and piles on the versatility with the coupling of the Terrain Management System™. The Terrain Management System™ touts five different selectable drive modes to give you the ultimate, on-the-fly decisions on how your Ford Explorer will behave on differing topographies. Stick to the Normal mode for routine driving experiences, but changing to Mud/Ruts, Sand, Snow/Gravel/Grass, and Hill Descent Control™ modes will provide the driver with instant changes to drivetrain performance and output. Now that you know more about the Ford Intelligent AWD and Ford Intelligent 4WD systems, it’s time to find out if the Ford car, truck, crossover, or SUV model of your choice can be linked to these awesome drivetrain configurations. Contact us today or visit Marshal Mize Ford today and learn more about how smart your Ford can really be!


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