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What Apps Work With Ford SYNC AppLink?

Posted at Wed, Aug 14, 2019 12:00 AM

Are you ready to experience the future of travel and technology? Now you can stream your favorite songs or podcasts, order sushi on the way home, navigate safely, and stay connected to your favorite smart devices when you drive. The innovative Ford AppLink feature authorizes you the freedom to be yourself and have fun wherever your adventure leads you. You can easily send your ETA to friends and access select mobile apps via voice commands, using steering wheel controls, or a swift tap on your touchscreen. You will have complete peace of mind for your next road trip to the mountains, and you will be fully prepared and at ease for that traffic jam in the city. We are sure that you will have questions regarding your Ford app system and we want to answer them. The easy-breezy Ford AppLink component is elevating drivers’ state of mind and boosting drivers’ confidence in destinations all over the world. Here at your local Ford dealership, we can help you SYNC your compatible Android™ or iPhone device to your brand new Ford model and go over the various features of AppLink that are available to you and your passengers.

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Perhaps you are wondering what apps are compatible with your Ford car, truck, or SUV? The variety of apps you can access will vary based on the type of smartphone that you use. Come and talk to our team at your local Ford dealership to determine whether your vehicle is equipped with Ford SYNC AppLink®, Ford SYNC® 3 AppLink®, or MyFord AppLink®, and see for yourself the Ford app capabilities. The Ford SYNC display screen shows basic information such as time, temperature, caller ID, and song titles. SYNC with MyFord accommodates for voice commands, steering wheel buttons, and other convenient controls. If your Ford displays a color touchscreen, you may have SYNC® 3 AppLink®, which provides complete access to your phone’s media, audio, and navigation display. Our knowledgeable staff is thrilled about this futuristic feature, and we are happy to show you how it works.

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Staying in touch with your digital world is vital in today’s day and age, and your new Ford model provides you that luxury. The Ford+Alexa feature is as easy as asking a question. Once you have connected your phone and loaded the Ford+Alexa app, Alexa listens and provides. For example, you could ask, “Alexa, play Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean,” and you will hear your favorite song. If you ask, “Alexa, where is Marshal Mize Ford?”, your local Ford of Chattanooga will populate on your navigation screen. Whether you prefer Pandora, Slacker, IHeartRadio, Livio, or Tidal streaming platforms, you can listen to your favorite internet radios without fumbling through menus. You will be prepared for your next spontaneous adventure and have the confidence to venture to any destination that you desire with connectivity to Waze Navigation and Live Traffic updates, Glympse, Accuweather, and What3Words. Perhaps you are planning a trip to up or downtown Atlanta with friends? The CitySeeker app allows you to view tourist attractions, information, and events in over 500 cities worldwide. You can share your content through Cisco Webex Meetings and stay up to date on your preferred news, sports, comedy, and crime podcasts through your Stitcher platform. Your Ford app SYNC features the most up-to-date technologies and offers you a new way to drive. Visit us at Marshal Mize Ford to learn more about the Ford app Sync features available today!


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